Vision Board Inspires New Dreams for 2014

Vision Boards Inspire New Dreams for 2014

Brianna Harris, founder of Lilka (one of Oregon’s first benefit companies), shares her vision board for 2014.

Kate Wildrick led her first debut workshop at Ingenuity Innovation Center that centered around Vision Boards.   “Vision boards have been an incredibly helpful tool to realize and express your heart’s deepest desires and emphasize where you need to take action,” stated Kate.  “I have used this tool over and over again, and almost everything I have ever selected to put on the board has showed up in my life.  I thought long and hard about what first workshop I wanted to do at Ingenuity, and this seemed so fitting for the beginning of the year.”

Vision boards use visual images and words to highlight goals and ideas that a person wishes to invite into their life.  The process is simple.  In our workshop, we asked participants to think about the things they would like to experience in 2014.  We used poster board to affix images and words we cut out from old magazines onto.

Sam Cobb shares her sources for inspiration for 2014.

So why are vision boards so powerful?  Kate’s workshop focused on helping people understand that when you take the action to identify and create a vision board, you are moving your aspirations and desires out into the open.  Much like writing down a goal, the visual board helps the mind focus on what the heart longs for.  “Having a visual reminder is a perfect way to prime the mind to recognize the opportunities to act,” Kate explained.  “In order for any vision board to have any effect of manifesting goals, one must be willing to act on the moments and opportunities that present themselves.”

Approximately ten people showed up to the event.  This intimate gathering created a perfect opportunity to learn, create and share.  Prior to the event, there was a huge amount of interest from the online community expressing an interest to participate.  “We weren’t expecting such an interest from our virtual community.  After collaborating with a few people locally and in California, it was suggested that we bring the workshop to an online space using Google Hangout where people can make their vision boards ahead of time and share them with others on monthly basis.  By having a way to check in and see how each of us are doing with what  we identified on our boards, we can  support one another in overcoming the challenges and barriers that may surface.   The first online event is expected to launch near the end February.  For more information, check out our events page.  We expect to have details up soon.