Tree Pruning Workshop with Arborist Ben Gibson

Tree Pruning Workshop with Arborist Ben Gibson

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, Arborist, Ben Gibson, paid a visit to Ingenuity’s orchard to conduct a tree pruning clinic.  Several Ingenuers gathered to learn from Ben how to prune and assess tree health.

“My dad is a master gardener, and I regret not spending time to learn some of the things he knows,” stated Kate.  “When Ben came to show us some of the basics, I got really excited.  He did a really great job of demystifying how to do it.”

Ben showed Ingenuers how to properly evaluate what branches needed to be removed and tended to.  Using an 80/20 rule, Ben informed Ingenuers that a tree should never have more than 20% of the tree removed at any time or during a year.

Within an hour, the Ingenuers began working with Ben to look at the existing mature orchard to select which branches to prune. With Ben’s guidance, a quarter of the orchard was tended to.

“We loved having Ben out!” exclaimed Aaron.  “He is an excellent teacher.  We are already planning on having him back out to do additional classes.”

Source: 2013 June Newsletter