Sola Wrap (Polydress)

Sola Wrap (Polydress)

Ken Aguilar, Agricultural Sales Manager at Sola Wrap (also known as Polydress) announced that his company would be stepping in as a project partner by providing the greenhouse covering for the INDY23 build.

Sola Wrap has a 10-year warranty against UV degradation. For over 40 years, this product has not deteriorated, changed color, become foggy or streaky. Used as greenhouse roofing or walls, SolaWrap is waterproof, and airtight. It has withstood hailstorms, snowstorms (120 pounds per square snow load), hurricane winds and both hot and cold snaps. Customers report picking strawberries inside the balmy greenhouse, while the temperatures outside are negative 30 degrees Celsius.  This same greenhouse withstood snows, 112 mile-per-hour winds and violent hailstorms.  In addition, greenhouses that installed this material over 30 years are still growing with out any issues!

“We are so excited that we are able to work with this high quality material,” stated Aaron Imhof.  “After looking all over for a product that would last, a friend of ours introduced us to Ken saying we should talk to him about Sola Wrap.  Ken was so kind to spend an hour with me and Kate to learn about our project back in May 2014.  After that, he asked if we would stay in touch and we did.  When he learned that we were launching the new aquaponic training center with Murray Hallam, he asked how he could help.  Kate asked if we could see about showcasing the Sola Wrap for the new center.  He said let me see what I can do.”

“Ken got back with just after the Christmas holidays and announced he could get us set up with enough Sola Wrap for the 1,500 square foot greenhouse,” stated Kate.  “It was a day after we learned that Dennis Muir from Lightworks Electrical Company would be stepping in to provide to do wiring and trench work for the new greenhouse.”

Ken is expected to attend the INDY23 Build event and Food Symposium that is scheduled to take place before the training.

The value of this contribution is over $5,000.