The Sigma Project

The Sigma Project

In late August 2013, we had the opportunity to meet with an extraordinary person named, Sigma (aka Jesse Bartlett).  He is the founder of the Sigma Project, an urban agriculture project that focuses on teaching people how to grow together, so that none of us will have to go without.  His unique non-profit organization is set up to be recognized as a health care organization versus agriculture.  The primary reason he focused on setting it up this way was so people could understand how the quality of food essentially impacts their health.

The project helps ensure families have access to fresh local nutritional food. He and his volunteers transform lawns and empty lots into suppliers of fresh local produce for the community. Uniting land lenders, volunteers, and experts together with all the necessary materials and supplies for this goal.  They provide training on and off site , and seminars teaching the process, creating independence, stronger community, and elevating the their health and well being.

Sigma was very enthused to see what Ingenuity Innovation Center was up to.  He recognized the importance of integrating energy and other sustainable solutions into his network.

“Ultimately, Sigma approached us about developing a synergistic partnership,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “After taking a closer look at his project, we felt it was a natural fit to showcase the Sigma Project as one of our supported businesses.”

The Sigma Project will be brought to Ingenuity Innovation Center.  In winter, Sigma and his volunteers along with our Ingenuers, will being to transform parts of the 20 acres to showcase what permaculture can do.  Having a larger space will enable Sigma and Ingenuity to show what is possible for food production (in addition to aquaponics).  Stay tuned for more updates.