Secretary of State Visits Ingenuity Innovation Center

Secretary of State Visits Ingenuity Innovation Center

Kate Brown, Secretary of Oregon State, meets the Ingenuers.

Secretary of State, Kate Brown, came out to Ingenuity Innovation Center to see how we are creating benefit for all.  On Saturday, May 3rd 2014, she and Rachele Altman arrived in the afternoon and spent nearly two hours exploring what the Ingenuers were up to.

“It was so exciting to have Kate and Rachele out,” stated Aaron.  “They both were really excited about the growing potential that aquaponic systems can bring to not only our local communities, but the world.  In fact, at one point, Kate thought about the possibility of having aquaponics in every community garden around Portland.  It was really fun to see them have a great time and enjoy learning about our story.”

During the inaugural ceremony that enacted benefit company legislation in Oregon, Kate Brown requested a tour to come and see Ingenuity and learn about how becoming a benefit company could create a positive impact for doing business in a purposeful and meaningful way.  She decided to stop by while out in St. Helens, Oregon.  When asked why Ingenuity decided to become a benefit company, Kate and Rachele decided to record a quick video to capture the moment for her Facebook page. Here, Kate Wildrick explained that becoming a benefit company allowed Ingenuity Innovation Center to demonstrate that for-profit organizations could do good things.

Kate and Rachele were able to see all of the major projects including the development of the community space and energy solutions.  After the tour, both expressed a big interest in coming back, this time for dinner.

“I still just don’t believe that tomatoes can taste good coming out of a system like that,” exclaimed Kate Brown while she was leaving.

Tyler Muir, Jr. Ingenuer, challenged her to come back to “taste and see,” to which she and Rachele gladly accepted.

For more information, check out our press release on this event.