Scholarships for the Living the Dream Event with Murray Hallam Awarded

Scholarships for the Living the Dream Event with Murray Hallam Awarded

Murray Hallam and Ingenuity Innovation Center are excited to announce that five scholarships to the Living the Dream: Commercial and Small Farm Aquaponics Training Seminar have been awarded and accepted.  A total of 18 people submitted applications for the scholarship.  Each had very strong and compelling stories, making it difficult for the panel to decide which individuals would be awarded the scholarships.  In the end, five people were notified that they had been chosen.  Each of them accepted the scholarship and plan on attending.  They are:

  • Jon Stevens, Washington, USA
  • Jerami Marsh, Alaska, USA
  • Kenneth Gates, Oregon, USA
  • Diego Sanchez, Colorado, USA
  • Kevin Searcy, Alberta, Canada

The scholarship is valued at $1,400.00 and  includes:

  • One admission to the 4-day event
  • One copy of the INDY11.5 Plan Set* (two of these plans make up an INDY23 System)
  • Online access to an online community forum with professional support from Murray Hallam, instruction manual
  • One camping pass and meal passes for Sunday through Wednesday.

“In the end, it was a really tough choice,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “Working with the selection team and listening to their recommendations certainly made us wish we had more scholarships to award.  Together, we did the best we could to select people who we felt would be able to help build the movement and provide opportunities to learn through their projects and ventures.  If for any reason any of these individuals are unable to make the event, we will notify other runner ups.”

The entire team wishes to thank each person who took the time apply. Thank you to everyone who helped us get the word out about the scholarships. We are so grateful for your participation.