Down the Rabbit Hole: Where is Ingenuity Going?

Down the Rabbit Hole: Where is  Ingenuity Going?

Ingenuity now has a new Innovation Center.  The possibilities of what could happen are tremendous.  However, beyond ideas, we are beginning to ask the question of how do we mobilize the source of inspiration into action.

This very question began to take the team down into a giant rabbit hole that strangely resembled that of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland.”  A dialog began to emerge around what we were experiencing would happen when visitors would come out to the Ingenuity Farm.

“Now that our friends have been out to visit, they are now bringing friends,” stated Aaron.  “What we are beginning to see is that there are the talkers and the doers.  Both get really excited when they come here.  However, the doers get really excited because they see the opportunity to work on projects together.  We just need to figure out a way that we can make that happen.”

The core team began to look at this dynamic closer.   “We started to ask the question, who in particular would we love to attract to Ingenuity – even though there is something for everyone,” stated Debilyn.  “What surfaced was that we really wanted to work with people who ultimately would love to create.  Our vision for Ingenuity is to create what we call, Communities of Passion (CoP’s).  Here, folks can come and connect with other like minds who are passionate about the same topics.  Ultimately, the folks who wish to create can have the space and support to do just that.  Since we are focused on building innovative sustainable solutions, we ideally would love to find people who want to build, create and then share what they did, how they did it and what they learned. This in turn empowers others who are inspired to do the same – but this time, with people who want to work with others of like mind as well.”

The strange turns of the rabbit hole got deeper.  Looking at how to create a innovative platform that we then could replicate would take some careful thought.

“The reality is that not everyone wants to jump in and do,” stated Kate.  “Some come here to feel things out before they participate.  It as if they need to see others doing it first before they jump in. So, we need to be mindful about creating a rabbit hole that will encourage them to connect with others and see that things are happening even if it may not be here.”

Then we have our advisory and wisdom circles that are developing.  Next, we see different project group circles that are forming that can be both local and remote,” stated Aaron.  “Really, we are just learning what questions to ask so we can then work with the community to design it.”

ingenuity is planning on starting using some of Vic Desotelle’s tools and designs that were proposed in the Bucky Fuller Challenge.  Here, the community will have an opportunity to learn, interact and engage on designing the innovation and collaboration spaces.

Source: 2013 June Newsletter

Photo: Susan Brack