Vari Voltage Speed Controller


Vari Voltage Speed Controller

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The Can-Trol Speed Controller.
Built in Amp meter,
Grounded Receptacle,
Illuminating ON/OFF switch,

This high quality Auto-Transformer type control is the answer for mastery over your airflow.
By providing a smooth sinusoidal wave to your fan it eliminates any motor hum and unnecessary strain on the motor.

*This is the recommended control to use with your 12″ Max-Fan.


Additional information

Weight 12.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 9 in


What fans can I use a fan speed controller with?

Our fan speed controller (ACSC) will work with brushless motors, such as the ones commonly used with inline centrifugal fans. Do not use with blowers, booster fans, oscillating fans, etc.