Portland Aquaponics Meetup Group Largest Meetup Ever

Portland Aquaponics Meetup Group Largest Meetup Ever

On February 16, 2014, the Portland Metro Aquaponics Meetup group showed up to tour the Ingenuity Innovation Center. Nearly 50 people showed up to explore, connect and learn about aquaponics and other sustainable solutions. Anne Phillip, the organizer of the Meetup group reported it was the largest attended Meetup event that she has ever held.

“We were absolutely surprised at how many showed up,” stated Aaron Imhof.  “We originally had scheduled the tour a week earlier, but had to cancel due to snow.  Given people’s busy schedules, we didn’t think that would help us.  Turns out, more registered and showed up!”

People from all generations and backgrounds traveled out from the Portland metro area to learn about the CHOP (Constant Height One Pump) System that Ingenuity Innovation adapted and improved upon using food grade totes.

Anne Phillip, Event Organizer of Portland Aquaponics MeetUp Group and Founder of Möbius Microfarms smiles for the camera at the largest turnout ever.

Anne Phillip, the organizer of the Meetup group, met Kate Wildrick and Aaron at one of her previous events in 2013. Her vision was to start coordinating tours to visit other sites for people in the group to see different systems and ways to work with aquaponic models.  Her rapidly growing group has nearly 170 members.

“I was so excited to work with Kate and Aaron to put a tour together so people could see a larger system at work. Given that we are Portland Meetup group, I was astonished to see how many turned out for the largest Meetup event ever that was located 45 minutes away from downtown,” stated Anne.

In 2013, Anne was one of two winners of the Portland State University CleanTech Challenge.  Her aquaponics project , Möbius Microfarms, along with another solar project shared a $25,000 prize.  Since then, she has continued to build out her project and share what she has learned with this new emerging community.

“Anne’s vision around aquaponics is very much in alignment with what Ingenuity is all about.  We are so impressed with the results of what aquaponics can do for people and we are committed to getting the word out and helping design systems that can meet their needs,” stated Kate.  “We are so grateful that Anne has taken the lead to create this group.  We are already looking at future opportunities to collaborate and host trainings.”

Attendees had the opportunity to connect with lots of other like minds. Aaron and Tyler Muir who had assembled the system spent a majority of the tour sharing their knowledge and expertise.  

“We got every question in the book about aquaponics,” stated Tyler.  “It really helped us learn what we need to do create to help people understand that using a system like this is not hard and takes less than 15 minutes a day to manage.”

Later, the tour brought people into the 40′ x 60′ innovation center to explore the art and yoga space.  One woman exclaimed, “there is so much possibility out here with what you are all doing.  This is absolutely incredible!”   The tour concluded in the sustainable and renewable energy center where Tyler and Aaron showcased different types of energy solutions and their applications in a greenhouse.

“I had a absolutely amazing day, met a lot of great people. I was impressed with there knowledge of electricity and there passion to make it work. The aquaponic system was awesome!  It was good to see that large of a system in action. I am really excited to see so many people come together with common goals and work together its amazing,” shared David Towry.