What Plants to Grow in an Aquaponics System

What Plants to Grow in an Aquaponics System

We get this question all the time….  What can you grow in Aquaponics?

We truly believe anything is possible in aquaponics but there are a few factors.  Climate being the biggest.

We live in the Pacific Northwest where most farming takes advantage of the warmer summery days, yet the grass seems to always be green.  Our Aquaponics system is in a greenhouse and since we are raising Tilapia, We are heating the water throughout the colder months.  As a result we are growing all year.  Here is a basic list based on season of what to grow in an aquaponics system.

Seasonal Planting Guide
taken from Backyardaquaponics.


 Feel free to comment on what you have tried in your Aquaponics system throughout the year!

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