New Crowdfunded Off Grid Pellet Stove Gets Fired Up

New Crowdfunded Off Grid Pellet Stove Gets Fired Up


On March 1st, Ingenuity Innovation Center did a test run to fire up the new off-grid pellet stove.  This project was a community funded effort to help solve a pressing issue around heating the 40′ x 60′ innovation center so that classes and builds could take place during the colder months of the year.  After putting the request for a solution out to the public, a suggestion came back from one of the local green architects about an Oregon made off grid pellet stove that was EPA and UL approved.  After looking into the WiseWay stove, the Ingenuers decided it was a great choice to start with.

“We love the fact that this design is multifunctional,” stated Aaron Imhof.  “It is portable and can heat water.  This makes it ideal for heating other work spaces when our innovation center is not in use and can serve as a back up water heater to heat our fish in an emergency.”

Fundraising for the stove started in the later part of January and ended in mid February.  The $2,000 goal was met quickly with the help of the following community members:

  • Lisa Neef
  • James Schwartz
  • Paul Imhof
  • Lou Rapp
  • Terri Lhati
  • Diane Dillard
  • Lisa Brumm
  • Jess Larson
  • Murray Hallam
  • Leonard Lords
  • Ross Midori
  • Don Vande Krol

The initial test run was able to bring the stove temperature to 700 degrees. However, during the night, the temperature fell to 400 degrees.  No significant change in temperature was felt the innovation center the morning after.  After talking to the manufacturer, the Ingenuers learned a lot more about how to improve the heat output.

“What we have determined is that there is still more to learn about how this stove works,” concluded Aaron.  “We still have a lot of weatherization to do in the space that will significantly help.  Also, getting the stove to stay at a higher temp will help us have a better chance at heating the space.  The reality is that there is a giant cold sink with a concrete floor.  Tyler and I have already thought of how we can do things better to help capture more heat – so we are working on some new ideas there.  Once things warm up just a little more, this little stove will have no problem heating the space as it is now.  Overall, this will help us get classes going so we can get more resources to fully heat the barn during very cold temperatures.  We are very glad we were able to get this, as it really has opened up a lot of doors around sustainable pelletizing options that we can do here on site!”

More modifications are expected to be made before the stove is permanently placed.  The Ingenuers do expect to create a way for the stove to remain portable to use in other locations and buildings.

“We are so incredibly grateful to have the help and support of our community to help make this possible.  Now we are working on getting our classes and events mapped out which will ultimately benefit everyone,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “We really are grateful to have had Wise Way work on a special discounted price to help us showcase this solution.  We look forward to all of the wonderful things that can and will come from this.”