Murray Hallam and Ingenuity Innovation Center to Kick Off First Aquaponic Training Center

Murray Hallam and Ingenuity Innovation Center to Kick Off First Aquaponic Training Center

The “Godfather of Modern Aquaponics,” Murray Hallam, will be returning to Ingenuity Innovation Center to launch the first community supported aquaponic training center in July 2015.  After Hallam’s initial visit to Ingenuity Innovation Center in September 2014, he and the founders, Kate Wildrick and Aaron Imhof, recognized the potential to partner and create the first aquaponic training center of its kind.

“We recognize that there are many barriers and challenges to creating new healthy food solutions,” states Kate.  “Given that we are in the Pacific Northwest where sustainability, innovation and a growing consciousness around our food system, we feel that we are in the perfect position to help create new pathways to bring aquaponics to the next level.  We see it as a perfect vehicle to meet our growing demand for local and sustainable food while also creating an abundant new green industry that can bring benefit to all.  Think about it.  We already have the infrastructure.  From community-supported agriculture (CSA’s), greenhouse infrastructure, food processors and the talent, we have everything we need to support this new innovative way of growing local.   We recognize we just need to create a place where we can help others connect the dots and learn what they can do to get involved.  The educational piece is absolutely essential.  This is why we [Hallam and Ingenuity Innovation Center] saw this as perfect opportunity to co-create and develop this center together.”

Hallam has been working for close to four (4) years on a new government standard that will set the bar on growing aquaponically with the Australian Government.  The first of its kind, Hallam is breaking new ground in this emerging green industry by helping develop workforce standards and competencies.

“We know that the industry has arrived,” states Hallam.  “The focus now becomes on helping people access what they need to know on a workforce level and from a business standpoint.  Every community is unique and has it’s own sets of challenges.  My hope is that by creating this standard, we can help local communities unlock what the next steps are.  It only makes sense to create a whole-system education and resource center.”

Scheduled Events

Greenhouse Training Center Dedication and Fundraising Dinner, Saturday, July 18th

6 PM to 9 PM – This special milestone event will unveil and commemorate the brand new aquaponic training center greenhouse and explore how it will serve in developing a new green industry around local food.  Afterwards, a fundraising dinner and talk with Hallam and the Ingenuers will take place. All proceeds will go towards further developing the aquaponic training academy and curriculum.  Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased by clicking here.

Living the Dream: Commercial and Small Farm Aquaponics Training Seminar and INDY23 Build, Sunday July 19th – Wednesday, July 22nd

This four-day course is designed to teach practical knowledge and skills around Commercial and Small Farm Aquaponic growing.  This once in a lifetime event will involve connecting with other industry leaders on commercial and small farm aquaponic applications while sharing knowledge as we build an INDY23 aquaponic system for our new Community-Supported Aquaponic Training Center  that will serve as an education center for all generations. This 4-day event is designed to show you how this emerging green industry is prime for playing a big role in the local food movement.

This course includes instruction, lunches and one copy of the INDY11.5 Plan Set* (two of these plans make up an INDY23 System), and access to an online community forum with professional support from Murray Hallam. This interactive, hand’s on workshop will require participants roll up their sleeves and get involved by building this system from the plans.  View the day-by-day agenda of what will be covered over the course of the workshop.  Space for this class is limited to 40. Group discount is available (please contact us for more information).


Designing An Airlift Pump for Your Aquaponic System with Glenn Martinez, Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 – 9 AM to 5 PM

In Hawaii, Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens employs his own unique water pump designs to bring water up from ANY body of water. The single air pump design is low energy, aerates the water as it moves through the system, easily pumps solids in the water, can move water long distances, has no moving parts, and is supposedly simple to build. Glenn has worked closely with Murray Hallam over the years and is eager to participate in helping support this event. Tickets are $189.00 USD per person. Group discount is available (please contact us for more information). There is a minimum of 10 students in order for this class to take place.

Please note the Event Cancellation and Refund Policy.