Master Lama Rasaji Coming to Ingenuity Innovation Center

Master Lama Rasaji Coming to Ingenuity Innovation Center

There are many amazing things beginning to emerge at the Ingenuity Innovation Center. People from all over the world are recognizing that there is something special about what Ingenuity is creating.  While on one of our tours of the center, our friend and Ingenuer, Rhetah Kwan, told us about an amazing Tai’ Chi Master named Master Lama Rasaji that she personally knows.  Her connection to him and his work certainly excited us.  Together we wondereda if he would be interested in hosting one of his world famous retreats out at Ingenuity.  After a couple of phone calls, Rasaji enthusiastically accepted the invite for the center to host a Tai’ Chi Gung retreat.

“Master Lama Rasaji could see that there was something very special happening here.  Both of our intentions aligned around wishing to make a the planet a better place for all living beings.  The teachings that he brings demonstrate how to work in relationship with our personal power and mindfully create health for all living things and systems,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “People ask us, ‘how does a Tai’ Chi class fit into an innovation center?’  The answer is simple,  without health and well-being, we cannot do our best and highest work.  In other words, we may not be able to innovate to our greatest potential if we are hurting and suffering.”

We asked Master Lama Rasaji and Rhetah Kwan to share his story.  This is what they wrote.

Master Lama Rasaji is one of only 36 Lamas in the world authorized by the Maha Master Lama Bo-Yang to share the Tai’ Chi Gung system. He is the only western born master to be given this honor. Lama Rasaji is currently the only Tai’ Chi Gung master living in North America. His countries of responsibility include the United States, Canada and Mexico.  He study began over 50 years ago. Here are the highlights of his story in his own words:

“It was a hot August day. I was being wheeled into the operating room by this real nice African American man. I remember how kind he was. He knew I was afraid. As they put the gas mask on my face and asked me to count back from 10. When I awoke I heard the doctor tell my mother he was not sure I would see my 18th birthday… and if I did, I would not lead a full life. I had to find a way to heal my frail 90 pound body. I started reading health magazines, going to the health food store and asking questions and buying a wide variety of vegetables.

In my later years as I began to get stronger, my dad enrolled me in martial arts classes. All the way from Karate to Gung Fu to weapons classes. I would come home to practice my techniques and in my dream state and meditations, my Master Bo-Yang in his spirit or light body would appear to me and clean up my technique. He would say, Rasaji, not that way, but this way.” My movements would become more like the fluency of motion and I began to feel the Chi or energy racing through my body. I was now in my mid-teens and my practice was becoming amazing. The appearance of all illness left me. I was dating my first real girl friend at that time. One day she tells the story that she picked me up, took me to the hospital to visit her nephew. We talked with him and with her family there and then came back.

After training for several years with different dance instructors and martial arts instructors, I landed a role in my first professional musical, Fiddler on the Roof. It gave me a chance to work with some great artists like Leon Spellman who was Lazar Wolf on Broadway and who had the under study role behind Zero Mostel when he was playing Tevya. Landing that show took me to New York City where I spent time doing cattle calls for roles in musicals from Guys and Dolls to Sound of Music.

In between dance class over the Ed Sullivan Theatre on 52nd street, one of my buddies said, Lets go to China town to study with this Gung Fu Master who is visiting from Hong Kong” He was always trying to get me to go see these masters. One day, we decided to go visit a Tai Chi Gung master who was said to be a monk from Tibet. Not Buddhist, more Taoist in nature, but a Buddhist had sponsored him to come. I was very curious, for now I had studied Tai Chi for a few year and had done some Qi gong exercises.Who was this Lama from Tibet? I asked myself. I walked up to him from behind, and was struck by the amount of birds and squirrels that were around this master. He was sitting down talking to about 30 different people in Washington Square who were hanging on every word. My first impression was, Of course! He must have something physical for these animals for them to be up on him and all around him like that. But to my amazement, he had nothing. The animals were just drawn to him. When he saw me, he stopped everything he was doing, walked up to me, grabbed my arm, took my hand in his other hand, and said firmly looking into my eyes, Rasaji. What took so long for you to get here? I pulled back, stunned. No one had ever called me that before. But I knew it was my real name, not my birth name.

I came back to begin training with this Tibetan master, sometimes skipping my classes and auditions, not really knowing why. It was about 6 months into this training.

Now with 43 years of training and 30 years of giving instruction, I have reached a certain level with the help of my master. He has asked me to have a great impact on certain individual lives. He asked me to help take them into the state of power and freedom that has been shown to me. I have been asked to work with twelve to eighteen serious students for the next 25 years and devote 80 to 90% of my work time to these core individuals that can have a major impact on the direction of Spiritual transformation on our planet.”

Now, Master Lama Rasaji is teaching private students, has a teacher training program, a subscription program to learn Tai Chi Gung and a Home Study Course. He does workshops in Portland, Seattle, BC, Dallas, Jacksonville, and we are looking to bring hem to Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Ingenuity is very excited to be hosting a two-day retreat at Ingenuity during the first weekend in May (3rd and 4th). There is a 2 for 1 deal that we are running through the end of February that gives two people access to the two-day retreat for $275.00.  For more information or to sign up, please click here.  For more information about Master Lama Rasaji, and his work, please visit his website.