Lunch with Louden Interview: 9.13.13

Sustainable Lifestyles: Mine, Yours and Ours: Lunch with Louden Interview

This year, we are experiencing a breakdown in our systems.  From the roads of Colorado disappearing to flood waters to our state and federal governments subverting the will of local people to ban genetically modified (GMO) crops from being grown in their county, the need for self-reliance is becoming more and more obvious.

At the same time, a need for sustainability and mindfulness about our individual impact on the planet is critical.  Scientists agree that our lifestyle (meaning the U.S. lifestyle) is being adopted by more of the world, and leading to a rapidly unsustainable planet, at least for human life.  We are near the tipping point.

Today, we welcome back to the show, social entrepreneur Kate Wildrick from Ingenuity Innovation Center.  Kate and her partner Aaron were on LUNCH with LOUDEN earlier this year, introducing their aquaponics farm and concept of how to grow your own GMO free food.  Today we’ll talk with Kate about her sustainable lifestyle choices and how she is working with others to introduce, demonstrate and coach them to living with passion, self-reliance and sustainability.

Click here to listen to the September 13th, 2013 interview.