The Living Wall Build Out

The Living Wall Build Out


Get involved by learning how to do your own living wall, by helping Ingenuity Innovation Center build one for our sister innovation center, Hatch, in Portland, OR.  This was a great way to learn what inexpensive materials you can use and assemble to create a living wall structure for your own home or apartment.  We’ll had some living examples of what you can make and provide instructions while we are doing a larger install at Hatch.  This was a perfect opportunity to come connect and do a meet and greet tour at Hatch while learning about what Ingenuity Innovation Center is and how the two organizations will be working in partnership to create a better world.

This event was free and provided a great way to learn about what is happening in our community around social enterprise and innovation.  Both Ingenuity Innovation Center and Hatch have some very exciting approaches about how to leverage social enterprise and entrepreneurship.  When you help in this build and learning event, you are also helping Ingenuity Innovation Center get 5 days a month at Hatch to cross-pollinate urban and rural ideas to both centers.

The estimated project cost is $600-800 in materials.  (The picture gives an idea of what we are trying to do – however it what we will be building is designed for the indoors.)  If you have materials that you wish to contribute, please let us know.  If you wish to contribute funds to this project, please use the PayPal link below. Contributing funds to this project will enable you and the Ingenuers to have access to Ingenuity Innovation Center events that happen at Hatch.We  crowdsourced the following materials:

  • 50 feet of 4″ PVC pipe (We have sourced a place in Sherwood to pick up 10 feet lengths we need for around $60.  It would be wonderful if someone is willing to schedule a pick up and drop-off to Hatch before the event to save us a trip.)
  • 4, 4″ PVC Caps
  • 2, 4″ PVC Couplers
  • PVC Glue
  • Mounting Brackets and Attachment Components (Contact us to determine specifics)
  • Stainless steel cable (estimated 500 feet of 1/8″ gauge)
  • 40 small philodendra plants
  • Watering system (to be determined)  (This has already been donated)
  • Rental Equipment: Scissor Lift / Scaffolding for Install (This has already been donated)

More to come on this as we continue to debrief and write down what worked and what didn’t.  All the information made available so you can do this your self with all the hiccups we made along the way.  Check back for more updated.