JD Messinger Visits Ingenuity Innovation Center

JD Messinger Visits Ingenuity

The weekend after arriving home from the California trip to visit Kimberly and Foster Gamble from the Thrive Movement, Ingenuity was visited by JD Messinger, the author of “11 Days in May.”

“Tony Masalta [an Ingenuer] had met JD and was moved by his book and message around creating a world where people can come together to build balanced and sustainable solutions.  Tony was adamant that JD would love what we were doing at Ingenuity, so we arranged a time for him to come out and visit while he was out in Portland doing his book talks.”

JD arrived on Sunday morning of May 18th, 2013.  Together we took a tour of Ingenuity and shared the vision of what Ingenuity was focused on.  He was particularly excited about the aquaponics systems.

“This is just amazing.  The whole system just shows what health and balance can happen,” exclaimed, JD.

After the tour, everyone sat down to share their stories and connect over a light brunch.  JD was very moved by each of our own personal stories and why we had come together to build the vision of Ingenuity.

“I want to help with your endeavor,” he shared.  “What ever I can do to offer up support, please do not hesitate to ask”.

JD Messinger has been heavily involved in the corporate world where he served as an executive  at Exxon where he oversaw the Exxon Valdez clean up spill.  As his career evolved, he moved to Ernst and Young where he was eventually appointed to be the CEO of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (South-East Asia) division.

JD went through a wake up call when he broke his neck one day and had a near death experience.  This event resulted in a life changing outlook that has resulted in JD’s own personal quest to look at how we as humans are contributing to the disease and dysfunction or our world and what we as individuals and communities can do about it.

JD was very moved by seeing how we repurposed materials and work to share knowledge with others.  “This is the heart of what I wish to see created.  My work now is shifting to unlocking what is possible with the human potential.”  You can learn more about JD and his work by going to his website.