Create a Free Benefit Report

By law, every benefit corporation must create a benefit report.

The B Impact Assessment is a free online tool that meets the legal requirements for benefit reporting. It's used by 30,000+ business to assess, compare, and improve their performance, and can generate a free benefit report based on a company's answers to questions about its impact on its workers, community, customers, and the environment.


Powered by Benefit

Benefit Companies went live in Oregon Janurary 2014. Oregon saw it first tax benefit measure in 2016 during the November vote. More great Opertunities for benefit companies on the way.

Open Source Everything

The Future is open-sourced. As a core value here at InGenuity, All that we produce is owned by all. Collaboration is so much better than competition.

Triple Bottom Line

People, planet and Prosperity for transform business as a force for the good of all. Do your part and convert your business into a Benefit Corporation or B Corp.

Innovation is a new idea, device or process.[1] Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulated needs, or existing market needs.[2] This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets,governments and society. The term innovation can be defined as something original and, as a consequence, new, that "breaks into" the market or society.[3]
Now imagine a place where you can take an idea to help grow it. A place that will line up resources and connections to help you see it to fruition. A place that wont be overly expensive or propriety. Ingenuity is this place. Between classes and workshops and hands on project here on site, you can grow your skill set and get involved with the change needed to make a real difference in your community.

Business Incubation

Great ideas can turn into incredible opportunities if given the chance and support.  Ingenuity Innovation Center will be launching new platforms to help accelerate new start-up organizations that wish to focus on creating triple-bottom line (people, prosperity and planet) results.  Our community partners, network, and supporters are here to help develop whole, sustainable organizations. Here at Ingenuity, we recognize that if you are going to generate a new type of business that has never been done before that innovators and supporters are essential ingredients along with a new way of leadership to bring about the change we wish to see.

Shared Services

is a business model that enables resources to be leveraged across an entire organization resulting in lower costs with agreed upon customer-service levels. In many instances, Shared Services is a separate business unit created within a company or agency accountable for delivering a suite of services to both the operating business units and the corporate functions.


Technology has made it easier for us to share knowledge and information regardless of where you are at.  We are currently working on developing a platform where our Ingenuers can come connect, learn and share ideas.  We want to make every class and workshop available using an online learning platform.  We'll be able to bring high quality classes, workshops and community builds along with all of the supplemental information.  Please stay tuned for updates regarding the launch.


Aquaponics is technique that blends growing vegetables with fish.  This closed-loop system is highly efficient, yields more food than traditional farming and has virtually no waste.  This super sustainable system has been around for centuries in other countries. aquaponicsHowever, advancements in technology have now brought aquaponics to a new level in the West by merging hydroponics (raising plants in water) with aquaculture (raising aquatic animals) a viable farming solution. More and more people are recognizing the huge benefits to growing healthy, organic and GMO-free food right in their own homes or backyards.  So how does it work? The secret is in the healthy symbiotic relationship that the plants and the fish have with one another (with a little help from nitrogen-fixing bacteria). As fish excrete into the water, the water is then pumped up to the plant beds.  Here the bacteria help break down the fish excrement so the plants can absorb it.  aquaponicsThe water is naturally cleaned and returned to the fish tank.  The benefits of this amazing relationship can be seen in the amount of abundance that is generated by plants continuously having what they need in order to thrive.  As a result, growing times are typically cut in half for most vegetables.  Lettuce that normally would take 52 days to mature using traditional farming techniques takes 24 days. Ingenuity Innovation Center has a 1,500 square foot greenhouse that is dedicated to growing tilapia and vegetables using aquaponics.  We produce produce year round and are now helping bring this amazing system to people all over the world.  Our GYO kit is a perfect solution for people living in urban environments and can easily expand out to include two other grow beds.  In addition, we offer kits, consultation and can do custom builds for greenhouses.