Ingenuity Meets the Founders of the Thrive Movement

Ingenuity Meets the Founders of the Thrive Movement

Every now and again, you get to experience awe inspiring moments in life where the surreal meets the real. That was such the case in May when Aaron Imhof, Kate Wildrick and Debilyn Molineaux took off to meet Kimberly and Foster Gamble, the creators of the Thrive Movement.

“It all started when we first learned about the Thrive Movie,” shared Aaron. “Kate and I were really excited about the movie and looked where it was going to be screened at in Portland.  We could not find a venue, so we asked our friends who own a health and water store to host a showing.  They gratefully accepted the suggestion.  Soon we had an event set up.  Everyone who showed up loved the movie.  After, we shared what we could do in our own community and explored how we could get involved.”

Weeks passed, and with the movie still fresh in Kate’s mind, she decided to do something.  She decided to personally reach out to Kimberly and thank her for the film.

“I decided to write an email to Kimberly because she really inspired me.  At that time, I was really feeling like my messages around what I was seeing in the world needing to change were not being heard.  At that time I didn’t have our vision for Ingenuity figured out yet, I just wanted to let her know that I could see the love and light she brought to the movement and that it really impacted me on a deep level as a woman.”

“I never thought she would write back,” Kate continued.  “It was a few weeks later, but I did receive a personal email back.  I was so overcome with joy and hope.  At that time in my life of experiencing frustrating dead ends, her words and act of kindness truly gave me hope.”

Kate and Kimberly stayed in touch via email.  As the vision of Ingenuity emerged, Kimberly invited Kate and Aaron to come to their home in California.

“We were so excited,” exclaimed Aaron. “A lot of what Kate and I have been building was really influenced by Thrive’s vision for what could be if we all worked together.”

Debilyn Monlineaux joined the trip and the three visited others along the way while driving to the Gamble’s home. They arrived on a Friday evening after Foster and Kimberly had completed filming updates for their website.

Friday evening was filled with good food, connection and sharing.  Here everyone was able to share their stories, challenges and sources of inspiration.

“Meeting Kimberly was truly a dream come true.  The energy I felt coming through our emails exchange was the same in person.  I had a blast spending time with her,” stated Kate.

Foster and Kimberly spent time with Aaron, Kate and Debilyn discovering more about Ingenuity’s vision and what was needed to help build the dream. They loved the idea of what Ingenuity was creating because it brings community together through personal empowerment and innovation.

“The last day that we were there, Kimberly and Foster stated that they wished to help us with our vision.  They announced that they would be endorsing our project and would also feature Ingenuity in their new Thrive Connect project where philanthropists can connect with the projects that Thrive feels have a good chance of making a positive difference and change in the world,” stated Kate. “Needless to say, we were absolutely overcome with sincere joy and gratitude.”

The Thrive Connect project will be emerging soon.  Stay tuned!