Ingenuity in Schools

Ingenuity in Schools

Ingenuity Innovation Center debuted its first class in October 2013 for a class of 7th graders, not in Oregon, but Ohio.  Kurt Thonning, a science and technology instructor at Westlake City Schools, found Ingenuity online.  Kurt and his students had a huge interest in finding out what aquaponics is and how it could essentially change the world with food production.

“We were surprised to wake up and find an email in our inbox requesting a class,” stated Aaron Imhof.  “After talking with Kurt over Skype and sharing what we could do, we got really excited about participating.”

Due to technology challenges, Aaron recognized that getting internet out to the greenhouse was going to be challenging.  In the end, some temporary phone wire along with a wireless modem provided a signal to do a Skype call from Aaron’s cell phone to take the 7th graders through the aquaponics cycle.  (Click here to see what the students saw from their end.)

“That 25 minutes with the class was one of the highlights of my life,” exclaimed Aaron.  “I was energized for days and would LOVE to do more of this.  Now to just overcome some of the technical challenges.”

Ingenuity Innovation Center is looking to develop an e-learning environment so people everywhere can come and learn about aquaponics, energy and other sustainable solutions.  Stay tuned for more updates.