Ingenuity Gives Gratitude

Ingenuity Gives Gratitude for New Tractor

Gifts come in many ways.  Ingenuity’s gift around the tractor emerged through a meeting with the aquaponics group discussing how we were going to meet some of the project needs of the property.

“It really just comes down to the fact that we need a tractor,” explained Aaron. “Look at all the mowing and moving around of things we have.  We need a tool that will help us do that.”

The group began to offer up ideas and suggestions of how we could look at crowdsourcing one.  Other people wondered if there was a way we could work to get our neighbors involved by borrowing one.  All of them were good, but just by asking the question, we learned that you pay attention for the opportunities when they show up.

During one of the advisory group meetings, Kate and Aaron shared their frustration of being able to complete tasks because they didn’t have the right tools.

“I saw a way that I could help,” said Lisa Neef who is an advisory board member.  “I recognized that if we were going to be going into a fundraising process, we would need to have the property look welcoming.  It was here that I recognized I could help. So I did. Every month I pledge $250 to help pay for the tractor payments.  It gives me great joy because I am putting my money into a place where I know it can make a difference in the community I want to be a part of.”

Source: 2013 June Newsletter