Ingenuity is Becoming a Living Building Challenge Ambassador

Ingenuity is Becoming a Living Building Challenge Ambassador

Ingenuity Innovation Center is putting St. Helens, OR on the map by becoming an Ambassador for the Living Building Challenge as created by the International Living Future Institute.

The International Living Future Institute is a hub for visionary programs. Here they administer the Living Building Challenge, the built environment’s most rigorous and ambitious performance standard. They are the parent organization for Cascadia Green Building Council, a chapter of both the United States and Canada Green Building Councils that serves Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. We are also home to Ecotone Publishing, a unique publishing house dedicated to telling the story of the green building movement’s pioneering thinkers and practitioners.

The Institute offers green building and infrastructure solutions that move across scales (from single room renovations to neighborhoods or whole cities). They offer global strategies for lasting sustainability, partnering with local communities to create grounded and relevant solutions, and reaching out to individuals to unleash their imagination and innovation.

Through their work on the Living Building Challenge and other programs, they have helped to redefine the green building movement, substantially raising the bar for true sustainability. By embracing the psychology of the endgame, they strive to identify the most direct path to a future in which all life can thrive. They seek partnerships with leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in pursuit of a future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.

The Living Building Challenge aims to transform how we think about every single act of design and construction as an opportunity to positively impact the greater community of life and the cultural fabric of our human communities.

The International Living Future Institute issues a challenge:

TO ALL DESIGN PROFESSIONALS, CONTRACTORS AND BUILDING OWNERS to create the foundation for a sustainable future in the fabric of our communities.

TO POLITICIANS AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to remove barriers to systemic change, and to realign incentives and market signals that truly protect the health, safety and welfare of people and all beings.

TO ALL OF HUMANITY to reconcile the built environment with the natural environment, into a civilization that creates greater biodiversity, resilience and opportunities for life with each adaptation and development.


The Bullit Center in Seattle, WA is the headquarter location for the International Living Future Institute.

“We first were exposed to the Living Building Challenge when we were invited up to their headquarter location at Bullit Center in Seattle, WA.,” stated Kate Wildrick. “Here we learned all about what this incredible organization is doing and how they have been creating a wonderful example around community partnership while building structures that do not have any adverse health effects on people and seek to leave a minimal environmental footprint.  Because of our commitment to creating community based sustainable solutions, it only made sense for us to look at becoming an Ambassador for the Living Building Challenge”

The Ambassador Network is a global volunteer initiative to encourage the rapid and widespread adoption of restorative principles guided by the Living Building Challenge. Within this network, individuals and local groups called Living Building Challenge Collaboratives discuss restorative principles, share expertise, and remove cultural, regulatory and ideological barriers to systematic change. In support of this endeavor, the Institute provides training for two distinct volunteer opportunities either as an Ambassador Presenter or as a Collaborative Facilitator.  By choosing to become an Ambassador Presenter, professionals can deliver informal introductory presentations to peers, local organizations, institutions, companies and community groups.  Ambassador Presenters help build local capacity for sustained discussions on restorative principles and the formation of a local Living Building Challenge Collaborative.

As a Collaborative Facilitator, these volunteers are community-based groups that meet in-person regularly to share knowledge and create the local conditions that support development of Living Buildings, Sites and Communities. Each Collaborative is overseen by at least two trained Facilitators, who are responsible for cultivating a welcoming environment for grassroots involvement and outreach.

Ingenuity Innovation Center’s application has been approved to becoming an Ambassador for the program.  The Center is currently awaiting to take required training so that community education can take place around the program.