Helpful Energy, Not Helpful energy



Solution oriented

Problem oriented


Reactive or unresponsive

Open minded

Not open to new ideas

Help craft solutions

Expect others to create and implement solutions

Do projects with others’ input

Do projects without others input

Challenge one another in a supportive manner

Challenge people using antagonizing and destructive tactics

Help lighten the load of the team

Add more projects and work to the team

Approachable and available

Reclusive and not available

Self motivated

Wait for others to do things

Supports the vision of Ingenuity Innovation Center

Manipulates, distorts or ignores the vision in an effort to advance your own agenda

Uses a power with approach

Uses a power over approach

Seeks to understand

Makes assumptions

Focuses on developing people and relationships

Focuses on self

Able to build beneficial and impactful relationships

Lacks friends or a community of support

Employs whole system approaches

Uses linear or siloed approaches

Demonstrates curiosity and wonder

Lacks passion or purpose

Willing to try something new and different

Unwilling to try new things

Committed to self improvement

Does not take care of ones self

Comfortable in working in chaos and ambiguity

Requires constant structure, security and stability

Lives life coming from abundance, joy and gratitude

Lives life coming from fear, hurt and resentment

Makes decisions by living in the now

Makes decisions from the past or future

Creates a safe environment where people feel supported and cared about

Creates an environment where people feel they have to defend and be on guard

Talks positively of others

Talks negatively of others

Brings resources that help create benefit for all

Focuses on taking resources that benefit oneself

Is financially independent

Depends on others financially

Takes care of their health and well-being

Does not take action around health and well being

Demonstrates collaboration

Chooses competition

Chooses to cook good healthy food regularly

Chooses processed and/or unhealthy food



Shares in equal division of labor

Takes on the bare minimum

Asks what needs to be done

Requires to be told what to do

Align with Ingenuity’s values

Does not share Ingenuity’s values

Leads by example

Lacks consistency by not adhering by Ingenuity’s values

Able to interpret people’s body language, voice inflection by using emotional intelligence

Unable to read physical and verbal cues

Able to establish clear expectations and respect boundaries

Unable to establish clear boundaries and expectations. Violates boundaries and agreements.

Able to communicate ideas, expectations and information in an effective manner

Causes confusion through inability to effectively communicate with others.

Able to meet people where they are at

Expect people to regularly meet you where you are at

Builds people up by focusing on the good

Belittles people and puts them down

Learns from mistakes

Keeps making the same mistakes

Cultivates energy that makes people want to be around them and Ingenuity.

Cultivates energy where people choose to avoid them and Ingenuity.

Willing to learn how and why things are done a certain way.

Telling people what to do without seeking to understand things first

Is able to make agreements and not break them

Changes and/or breaks agreements

Demonstrate loving and nurturing while being mindful of people’s boundaries

Exhibits coldness, reserved or distanced behavior

Is focused on helping get everyone’s needs met while balancing your own

Is focused on people pleasing or on your own needs only

Mastered the art of giving and receiving

Deny self and others in the giving and receiving process

Demonstrate compassion

Insensitive to people’s situations

Clear about your intentions about how they impact things and others

Unclear about your intentions. Unable to see how actions impact things and others.

Have developed tools and techniques that aid in communication and healing

Lack skills to communicate with others effectively and assist in healing.

Is able to be thoughtful and considerate of others needs and feelings

Is focused on what others can give you