Hatch is a community innovation lab that is headquartered in Portland, OR.  Everything about this organization speaks to innovative ideals and solutions especially in social entrepreneurship. Hatch is the product of Springboard Innovation, a platform that enables citizens to launch enterprises that improve communities. Hatch’s vision is to help craft a space where Hatch hosts workshops and forums that grow and support benefit companies. It facilitates professional services geared toward mission-driven organizations. It offers an array of multi-purpose spaces for lease: offices, conference room, fireboxes, educational spaces—kitchen, indoor garden, classroom. It hosts events to bring in the non-tenant community.

“Ingenuity Innovation Center felt partnering up with Hatch was the perfect opportunity to showcase what is happening in a rural innovative setting,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “It seemed natural to bridge the gap between the urban and rural divide to cross pollinate ideas and provide additional resources to such an amazing out-of-the box approach.”

Hatch has been very receptive to partnering with Ingenuity Innovation Center.  Hatch is planning a grand opening in winter 2014. Ingenuers have been helping Hatch with preparing for success by prepping the space and contributing to the aesthetic look and feel of the space by building a living wall.  In exchange, Hatch will be providing space for Ingenuity Innovation Center four (4) times a month at Hatch’s location to share and collaborate with other innovators and paradigm shifters.

“This is a really exciting time for us,” stated Aaron Imhof.  “Many of the local Ingenuers live in Portland and have asked for a space that they can connect in with locally to learn and expand.  As far as we are concerned, Hatch is a perfect win-win.”

Check out our calendar to find out more about events with Hatch.