Guardian Angels: How Peter and Anne Selby Helped Build the Ingenuity Innovation Center

Guardian Angels: How Peter and Anne Selby Helped Build the Ingenuity Innovation Center

by Kate Wildrick

Peter and Anne Selby founders of You Angel You

In the new year of 2014, the team at Ingenuity Innovation Center was beginning to map out the year’s projects. Already full of ideas and plans, next steps began to fall into place.  However, as we seemed to move forward on taking action, I would watch as massive conflict would emerge regularly bringing our progress to a stand still.  Working in the corporate world in strategic and consultative roles in human resources and organizational development, I would regularly work with new and existing teams at all levels to help develop strong foundations to shift dynamics like those we were experiencing. Conflict and communication breakdowns were not exactly new to me, however working in a family, friend and community involvement role was a whole other beast that required very different tools than those I had learned in the corporate world.

As the months passed by, undoubtedly I observed the same patterns come up.  It was as if these “whirl winds” or bursts of distracting and unhelpful energy would descend and rip our meetings apart and cause people to separate, isolate and then triangulate.  As we each worked to gain better tools to work through the situations, it appeared that this disruptive energy would only get stronger.  I soon began to wonder if we were dealing with more than just “people issues.”

In spring 2014, Aaron and I were participating in another group focused on water and health and healing.  It was here that we met Peter and Anne Selby, a lively married couple from Sisters, OR, who had a clairvoyant angelic healing practice named You Angel You.  Friends of ours in the group raved about their profound healing sessions which have led to several life changing experiences.  When we finally had a moment to talk, Peter and Anne grew very excited to come out and learn about what we were creating at the Ingenuity Innovation Center. We made arrangements to have them come out for a morning tour and stay for a lunch so they could see and experience all of the highlights we were focusing on.  A few days later, they arrived with some other friends of ours to see what we were creating.

Starting in the greenhouse, we slowly began to open up Pandora’s Box.  From one building structure to the next, we told our story and showed how our our ideas were coming to life through the spaces and projects we were designing.  By the time we had reached the barn where we hold many of our events, everyone was imagining the possibilities of what could be.  Each of our shared what was coming to mind. Coming down the stairs from the loft I distinctly remember saying to Peter, “we never know how it is all going to happen.  It just does.  Take for instance, this month’s rent.  We haven’t got the money, but somehow we will find a way.  It has been like this since we met.”

After finishing the alternative energy section of the tour, we sat down for lunch.  Everyone was extremely engaged and very excited about what we had chosen to embark on.  As we broke bread, question after question filled the room passing the time quickly.  Each of us grew curious about one another.  Our past, present and plans for the future all came tumbling out. We soon found ourselves at the point where we needed to say goodbye.  It was then that something very unexpected happened.

Peter turned to me and handed me a check.  Without opening it, he said that he and Anne had run into some unexpected money and that after briefly talking it over, that they wanted to help us with this month’s rent.

“We believe in what you are doing and we want to help,” Peter smiled while holding my hand with the check in it.  “What you are creating here is more than needed and we want to help you pay it forward.”

My eyes began to well up with tears, as complete an utter relief along with shock flooded in.  I remember catching the eyes of Aaron across the room.  Puzzled, he asked if I was ok.  I invited him to step forward.  Unable to speak, I handed him the check.  He looked at it in disbelief.  Peter and Anne smiled and relayed on the same message that I had heard.  Not soon after, Aaron found himself in the same state I was in.  The news spread around the room and through the house.

The heartfelt event was beyond anything any of us had experienced.  Although each of us knew things like that could happen, we had our own doubts of it ever happen to us.  However, this exchange was so different because it was a gift we gave one another.  We wanted to share our space and knowledge with our guests.  Peter and Anne wanted to share some extra money they had run into to help bring what they experienced to others by helping us.  Together, we were able to celebrate knowing we gave from our hearts.  No one wanted to say goodbye…

While walking them out to the car, we received another unexpected gift.  Our friends, Glenn and Jackie, invited us to lunch at their house where Peter and Anne were staying.  Upon accepting, Peter and Anne informed us that they would like to share more about their clairvoyant healing practices by having a small healing session.  We happily accepted and arranged to meet them the next day.

The rest of the day was filled with a deep sense of gratitude.  The new energy was certainly appreciated given all of the upheaval we had been experiencing as a team.  That night we celebrated with the hopes that this would open a new chapter of change for us.

The next morning, we departed to take the hour and half journey to our friend’s home in Washington.  The drive gave each of us time to reflect on the events that were unfolding.  In addition, we wondered what Peter and Anne would “see” in and around us given their gifts. As we got closer and closer to the house, each of us drew inward becoming more and more quiet.  When we arrived, Aaron’s sciatica from began to bother him.  He also made a remark that his heart was starting to hurt again.  He chalked it up to anxiety, which all of us had been dealing with given the challenges we were facing with building the center.

We started by walking around the beautiful gardens that Jackie and Glenn had created on their luscious remote and hillside property. The years of cultivating and taming the landscape could be seen in all of the thoughtful details that had been crafted in carefully constructed fences, seating areas and well manicured fruit trees.  With every step, I thought of my dad and the yard we had grown up in that was our magical oasis.

After the tour, we gathered in a beautiful picturesque room with large windows.  Here, we joined another friend, Tom, who had also made the journey to spend the afternoon with us together.  Not knowing what to expect, Peter and Anne told us their story of how they came to do the work they do.  We learned that Peter had worked as a physical therapist and that over time he began to develop a clairvoyant ability to see and speak with, what he describes as, angels.  Here, he shared several stories of how the angels would show him how energy blockages in his patient’s body and how they were tied to trauma or some other form of energetic disruption.  Once he could see what was happening and verify it with his patient, he would then work with the angels and follow specific instructions to help heal and remove the blockage.  The impact of the healings in his patients would consistently yield results he had never seen before.  Simply put, people would heal and would not have to return for their intermittent physical therapy treatments again and again.  Anne soon joined him on developing his business.  Her work as an intuitive counselor, added depth and helped capture vital information so that the healings they helped facilitate would be successful.

The case studies were impressive.  Each of us marveled at the outcomes and of how this kind of healing could impact the health care system especially if it could be taught and shared.  (Later that day we would learn that this was possible!)

After Peter shared his experiences, he then invited Anne to stand next to him to help shift the energy in the room.  Each of us snuggled into Glenn and Jackie’s comfortable couches as we listened to what was to unfold next.  Peter explained that they wished to show us what their gifts are by conducting a healing session for someone in the room.  The person that would receive the healing would be chosen by the angels and that by having each and every one of us there, that we in turn would heal too.  I could feel myself and Aaron tense up.  Rose looked comfortable across the room.  We all took deep breaths as Peter shifted his awareness from storytelling mode to connecting with the surrounding angels.  We watched in awe and wonder.  His chin dipped toward his chest and his eyes looked upward and out.  We could see he was working through his third eye scanning the room for information.  After asking a few basic questions to make contact, he then asked who in the room would we be working with to help heal.  Aaron’s name was called.

A part of me was very excited.  Aaron stood up and followed Peter’s instructions to stand in the center of the room so he could better evaluate him.  Anne took copious notes and made drawings of what Peter described.  The information that was spoken didn’t have much meaning to me or others in the room.  However, to Peter and Anne, it was as if they were detectives putting together the clues to solve a great mystery or crime.  As I watched with wonder, I also worked to steady my mind so I could help hold the space so they could receive a clear message.  After they had gathered the basics, they then returned their attention to all of us to help translate what they were doing and what they had learned.

The information that they had gathered stirred up deep emotions and fear in Rose.  She decided to move closer to me and hold my hand as they explained what they were learning about Aaron.  Like any mother, Rose feared that she had caused great harm to her son while growing up.  Although that this was not the case, both of us could feel and connect to something greater.  As the details were revealed, the source of the pain in his heart and long-term sciatica were uncovered.  As his wife, I sat there in complete awe. I had done a lot of my own personal growth work that definitely fell outside of the conventional western medicine traditions.  Although I was familiar with some of the modalities and approaches Peter and Anne used, there were many that were new to me.  It was as if that they had developed their own language and set of images to facilitate communication with these helping beings in other realms and perform the healing required to shift the energy in my husband’s body.

Working with the angels, they helped us understand how his traumas had manifested in his energy field.  We also learned how there are forms of not so helpful energy that can attach themselves to people’s energy fields and feed off of negative patterns and thoughts.  Given this insight, I secretly began to wonder if these “energy suckers” might be impacting us at the house and on the land.  I continued to listen with intrigue.

The healing was very emotional for us all.  At the end, Aaron was exhausted and struggled to join us for lunch.  I too felt queazy and wanted to go home.  The things that had shifted in him definitely stirred up something in me.  After our incredible visit, we traveled home. I drove, Aaron sat quietly resting while watching the evening sunset.

Over the next few weeks, behaviors and ailments that typically plagued him fell away.  All of us could see and feel the difference.  He had healed!  One by one, each of us stepped forward to work with Peter, Anne and our angels to help heal ourselves.  We even cleared the land’s energy which then began to shift all sorts of dynamics we were experiencing.  The people who were disruptive left.  Soon, we were able to build the foundation we needed to bring forth more resources and connections required to grow our vision.  We have been forever changed.

Building A Community of Healing Connections

You Angel You is a clairvoyant healing practice centered out of Sister, OR.

In the spirit of continuing to pay it forward, Ingenuity Innovation Center has invited Peter and Anne to connect with members of our community.  In early 2015, Peter and Anne traveled to St. Helens, OR to meet locals in our community network to share their gift of healing.  Several people signed up for sessions and we are now working together to have Peter and Anne return regularly to share their knowledge and teachings through a series of workshops, classes and events.  Our intention is that by learning and healing together, we can help create a healthier and more balanced community while supporting one another in the process.  Please see our calendar of events to find out when Peter and Anne will be here at Ingenuity Innovation Center, or click here for their schedule to see where else they will be visiting.