FAQ Monthly Subscriptions

FAQ Monthly Subscriptions

The Adopt A Growbed Program is a great way to get involved in learning about aquaponics while building knowledge at Ingenuity Innovation Center.  Here are some questions and answers we frequently get asked regarding subscriptions.

Q.  What is a Google Helpout?

A.  A Google Helpout is designed to have people from all over the world share their knowledge and expertise using Google Hangout (online video chat).  Google Helpout is a platforms that promotes different kinds of people with different kinds of skills and specialties that can be purchased for a fee.  Our Google Helpout focuses on helping people with their aquaponics systems.

Q.  When do I get my Mini Herb Garden Kit?

A.  Subscribers will get a Mini Herb Garden Kit of their color choice after they have completed their one-year or (12 month) anniversary as a subscriber.

Q.  Can I use my subscription benefits for special aqupaonic events and retreats?

A.  Not unless Ingenuity Innovation Center sends you out a specific invite and/or discount.

Q. When does my subscription start?

A. Immediately upon receipt of payment.

Q. Can I upgrade my subscription?

A. You may upgrade your membership at any time.  Additional perks that are not included in your current membership will be added to your account.

Q. If I sign up for the Growbed Subscription, when can I come and take care of my growbed?

A. Ingenuity Innovation Center will send a list of available dates and times that you can come and care for your growbed.  You will have access at least once a week (unless otherwise specified).  We are currently building this program out.  As we get the structure in place, we will send out updates.

Q. Can I give / donate my produce to others if I am unable to use them?

A.  Yes.  You may elect to contribute your produce to events that are happening at Ingenuity Innovation Center or donate produce to the local food bank.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A. Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.  However, any unused benefits or perks will be lost.

Q. Where can I find out more information about your terms and conditions regarding memberships?

A. Please visit our  Subscription Terms and Conditions page for more information.