Community Aquaponic Build at Flying Fish Company a Success

Community Aquaponic Build at Flying Fish Company a Success

Ingenuity Innovation Center and Flying Fish Company celebrate as they complete a community aquaponic build. This system will serve as an educational and outreach tool found in the heart of the Hawthorne District in Portland, OR. (Left to Right: Kristie Blanchard, Kate Wildrick, Aaron Imhof, Tyler Muir and Lyf Gildersleeve)

On Sunday, June 28th, 2015, Ingenuity Innovation Center and Flying Fish Company teamed up to bring awareness to issues facing our fish population and the local food movement by hosting a community aquaponic build event. During the afternoon build, both organizations worked with passerbys to share issues and concerns facing native fish populations and how the local food movement could be key into bringing awareness.

“We see how aquaponics is becoming a new and emerging green industry that is bringing community together through our local food movement,” stated Lyf Gildersleeve, founder of Flying Fish Company.  “My company focuses on sustainable fishing and let’s face it, there are some practices out there that just don’t make sense.  For instance, I see how we send fleets out to fish for species to make fish food that are already in high demand at our local meat and fish markets.  By using the by-products from our existing fish harvests, we could make fish food and other products that way.  There are many challenges out there and with over fished waters, organizations like Flying Fish Company, have huge concerns around long-term sustainability.  This is why we are so excited about partnering with organizations like Ingenuity Innovation Center, as we all need to be thinking about where our food comes from and know the issues that impact how it is grown, raised and harvested.”

Over the course of the afternoon, the Ingenuers worked with reclaimed materials that Lyf and his team gathered to build a single-bed aquaponic system.  The build took nearly six hours to complete.

“Every build is different,” stated Aaron Imhof.  “Our goal here was to work with materials that matched the building structure that the system would be featured in.  When we did the mockup on Google Sketchup, we had no idea just how close it would be.  The whole team was excited.”

The aquaponic system will serve as an educational and discovery tool.  Set in the heart of the bustling Hawthorne district at the Kruger Farm Market where Flying Fish Company is also situation, the system is expected to bring a lot of inquiries and awareness to aquaculture and aquaponics.  Both organizations plan to have future classes and workshops there while inviting others to share their knowledge and expertise.  Check our calendar for upcoming events and learn how you can get involved.