Build With Us

Build With Us

We are building the first Community Supported Aquaponics Training Center that will help build aquaponics as a new green industry.  We expect to launch our new training center in July 2015 and we need your help to build it.  We are partnering with world renowned aquaponic expert, Murray Hallam to co-develop the first training center of its kind.  Our plan is to build a second 1,500 square foot greenhouse that will showcase Hallam’s INDY23 design.  This system will showcase media, float and wicking bed designs along with a brand new addition of a mineralization tank.

This training center will be used to help deploy Hallam’s new workforce training curriculum and will be the first training center in the world outside of Hallam’s center in Australia.  Our intention is to create a replicable model and eventually have a portion of every training dollar purchased go towards launching other training centers across the globe.

After the training center is built, we will continue to build upon the foundation of Hallam’s material by vetting the best of the best to help build regional solutions.  We also plan on working with industry partners to expand the curriculum so we can create training around new leadership and business models that employ many of the triple-bottom line principles found in the B-Corp and benefit companies.

There are many ways to get involved.  Here is a sample of ways you can get involved with the center:

  • Volunteer to help build the greenhouse
  • Help source materials needed for the greenhouse and INDY23 Build
  • Assist in grant writing to help source funds to facilitate curriculum development
  • Participate in classes and workshops (funds will go toward helping build out the center and training)
  • Become a project sponsor
  • Share with others about what is happening here at Ingenuity Innovation Center
  • Explore how you can become a community partner or resource for the center


Still have questions or want to learn more?  Email us so we can help.