Bucky Fuller Challenge

Ingenuity Innovation Center Goes After Bucky Challenge

We are a huge fan of Buckminster Fuller.  His innovative ideas transformed the way that scientists, educators, artists and dreamers look at the world. In honor of his contributions, the Bucky Fuller Institute was established to showcase new and innovative ideas that can provide powerful social transformation and change.  Every year, the Bucky Fuller Institute hosts a challenge where they ask for people, organizations and groups to share their innovative ideas. Here at Ingenuity, it seemed fitting that what we are creating was worth sharing, so we entered the Bucky Fuller Challenge in April 2013.  The team, which was comprised of Aaron Imhof, Kate Wildrick, Debilyn Molineaux and Vic Desotelle collaborated for over a month to develop their submission to compete with other projects to win the prestigious award and $100,000.00.  In July, the team received notification that their project was not selected.

“We felt that regardless of whether or not we won the Bucky Challenge, we felt it served as a wonderful opportunity to solidify ideas and get clear about where Ingenuity Innovation Center is going,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “We recognize that this project is all about holding space to allow for a community to come together and collaborate to advance ideas and concepts into action and tangible results.”

Although Ingenuity Innovation Center’s project was not selected, that is not stopping the team from continuing forward.  This is just the beginning.