Barn Raising Event Goes Big

Barn Raising Event Goes Big

On Saturday, June 8th, Ingenuity held a celebration for completing the barn. Ingenuers thought what better way than to adapt a long standing community tradition of a “barn raising” to mark the timeline of Ingenuity’s evolution. Nearly 60 people turned out to help Ingenuity celebrate the event.

“It was a lot of work getting the barn put together,” Rosemary recalled.  “George and I had just moved from New Mexico and we had lots to unpack.  It is so exciting to have the space that can adapt to what we wish to do.”

Before long, the barn had been transformed into an artist space, exhibition center, yoga and massage space along with a learning center.

“I was so surprised to see what they had done with the space,” exclaimed Keala Hill.  “It really does have a feeling of a community space!”

Musicians and artists gathered to share songs and even dance as the evening progressed.  The BBQ potluck style drew folks near and far.

“I drove in from Vancouver and brought a friend of mine to see what Kate and Aaron are up to,” shared Tony Masalta.

After dinner, Kate and Aaron made and announcement to thank everyone who had managed to come out to the event and support them.  They expressed their personal gratitude towards Lisa Neef who had helped them acquire a tractor and also Manny Muro for purchasing a pool for kids and families to enjoy.

Other Ingenuers such as Ben Goodman, joined in by encouraging attendees who had never been to Ingenuity to get involved and explore what we are all about.

The evening continued on as more music and conversation took place. Tours around the property encouraged people to discover what projects and possibilities were emerging at the Ingenuity Farm.

“It is simply breath taking.  The land is gorgeous.  All I know is that I really want to get involved and support what is happening here,” shared a visitor named Michelle.

While parents enjoyed connecting with other visitors, kids played in the newly constructed swimming pool.  When asked what they like about the event, 8 year old Maya said, “I love swimming in the pool and swinging on the hammock.”

“There really is something for everyone here.  The whole multi-generational experience that Kate and Aaron are working on building really is alive here,” shared a musician.

“It is amazing since we moved here how fast things have happened,” stated Kate.  “To think that we moved here in September and all that has changed.  We now have a fully functional greenhouse up and growing, a brand new barn that will serve as our innovation center and a community that is coming out of the woodwork to support us.  It is all so incredible!”

Events for the innovation center have been scheduled and can be viewed by going to the website at  If you have any ideas and/or suggestions of what classes, workshops, retreats and or programs you would like to participate in, please contact us.

Source: 2103 June Newsletter

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