2016 Living the Dream: Commercial and Small Farm Aquaponics Master Class with Murray Hallam

Murray Hallam, world renowned aquaponics pioneer, teacher and innovator, is returning to the US in Oct 2016. Immerse yourself for all or part of 5 days (3 events) sharing cutting edge knowledge and skills around Small Farm and Commercial Aquaponics – hosted at the Ingenuity Innovation Center, St Helens, Oregon.

Mr. Hallam founded Practical Aquaponics in Brisbane, Australia back in 2006 after becoming passionate about experimenting, researching and developing backyard systems that could successfully produce nutrient rich and safe food. His incredible wealth of knowledge serves the aquaponic community, inspiring thousands of people across the globe to grow fresh food, sustainably and organically.

He has been a strong advocate in education, with over 50 short videos, which can best be seen with his online presence on YouTube and through his full length DVD’s and e-learning series.  His book, the Aquaponic Gardening Book of Plans, is a go to step-by-step explanation of how to build working systems. For the last five years, Murray has developed an aquaponic workforce development curriculum that is approved and certified at the Australian Government level.  His classes have been delivered throughout the world, including Europe, Africa and India. These valuable education encounters are the first of their kind in the aquaponic field.

Arvind Venkataraman, Founder of Waterfarmers

Waterfarmers (Canada) founder Arvind Venkataraman, Ph.D was a student of Murray along with many leading aquaponic innovators. He has gone on to develop one of the most respected commercial Aquaponics consulting, design and build businesses in the world.

We are excited to announce that Arvind will join his mentor here at the Ingenuity Innovation Center for this event – sharing his unique perspectives on the challenges, opportunities and viability of commercial aquaponics.  His organization has successfully built commercial farms in the Middle East, India, Hong Kong, Canada – and soon to be China.

Mr. Venkataraman openly shares with participants his unique approach to gathering sound data and building replicable farm models -information that has gained much international respect, recognition and attention.

This knowledge packed gathering is a ‘must attend’ opportunity for aquaponic enthusiasts and for organizations that are considering what steps to take to grow ‘aquaponically’.  This first of its kind teaching event is full of best practices and techniques, along with experienced insightful tools, invaluable information and connections– leading you to a broader understanding of how this exciting and emerging green industry is taking off and the significant role it is increasingly playing towards the local food movement.

We are currently seeking sponsors to help us continue to build the new training center’s amenities (such as compostable toilets, solar showers and onsite accommodations) along with funding additional scholarships (see more information below) for the event.

Scheduled Events

An Evening with Murray Hallam Fundraising Dinner, Saturday, October 1st

6 PM to 9 PM – This special fundraising dinner and talk with Hallam and the Ingenuers will take place. All proceeds will go towards further developing the aquaponic training academy and curriculum.  Tickets are $35 per person and can be purchased by clicking here.

2016 Living the Dream: Commercial and Small Farm Aquaponics Master Class  Sunday, October 2nd – Wednesday, October 5th

View the day-by-day agenda of what will be covered over the course of the workshop.  Early bird tickets are available on first come first serve basis and may be purchased by clicking here.  Group and couple discounts are available (please contact us for more information). Camping and daily meal passes for breakfast and dinners (lunches are included in tuition cost for the class) are also available.

Scholarships are available for this event.  The deadline to apply is July 1st, 2016.   Apply online, or download the PDF.

2016 Living the Dream: Private Consultation Sessions  Wednesday, October 6th

A total of five, private one-on-one consultations will be scheduled on Thursday, October 6, 2016, following the 2016 Living the Dream: Commercial and Small Farm Aquaponics Master Class.  Here Murray Hallam, Arvind Venkataraman, founder of Waterfarmers, and the Ingenuity Innovation Center team will provide confidential 90 minute sessions and one additional hour of post-meeting support via Skype. This package is valued at $1,125.00 (Based on that one of hour of consulting time costs $150 per hour for each of these 3 expert teams.)  Tickets cost $475 each and can be purchased by clicking here.

Please note the Event Cancellation and Refund Policy.