Artist Space Emerging In the Innovation Center

Artist Space Emerging In the Innovation Center

Ingenuity has been working to create a space where artists and creative expressionists can come and make art. “The Innovation Center will serve as one of many places at Ingenuity where people can come and create,” says Rosemary Imhof.  “This truly is a dream come true!  I have been a practicing Art Therapist for years in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I am so excited to be able to bring what I know about archetypal myths to help people explore their creative side.”

Rosemary has plans of continuing her art expression with others.  She is focusing on building out a creative place for artists of all ages and backgrounds to come and ignite their artist within.

“We have a lot of plans to utilize the space in the innovation center for folks to participate in classes and workshops and to also have access to building their art projects,” states Kate Wildrick.  “We focus so much of our attention on left brain activities that we forget to build our right brain [where the creative processes are].  Our belief is that if we get people to access their right brain, they will be able to develop new and innovative ideas.”

The innovation center is a 40′ x 60′ space with a loft.  The space can easily be modified to accommodate different groups for various activities.

“Versatility is key.  We are excited that we can use the space in various ways so we can adapt to the project and group size,” states Rosemary.

Because the Innovation Center is in astate of development, the artist space is also in the process of emerging.  At this time, Ingenuity is unclear what kind of artist studio will be available.  However, it is evident that artistic space is being planned for.

“We are working to understand what the needs of the St. Helens community is here.  Because we are new to this area, we really want to make sure that we are creating a space that people will use, enjoy and ultimately appreciate.  This does take time to understand and plan for,” states Kate.

More and more studies are beginning to surface that correlate innovative thinking is tied to being able to access both the left and right brain hemispheres. Unfortunately, our modern day world has not exactly factored in the importance of balancing both hemispheres of our brain.

Schools around the country have cut art and music programs in primary education.  The physical education classes that encourage movement which help build “whole brain” connections are also being cut back.  As kids grow up and enter the working world, a lot of employers focus on deadlines and deliverables using processes that do not necessarily encourage and foster right brain thinking.

“Creating sustainable solutions is going to require us to develop whole brains that can leverage both our right and left hemispheres to re-examine what is working and what is not working.  It is obvious that each of us is going to have to reconsider how we live given how many challenges our planet is facing. Starting with our creative side helps,” stated Kate.

Source: 2013 May Newsletter