Agri-Tourism Work Study Program

Agri-Tourism Work Study Program

Ingenuity Innovation Center is launching a new pilot program to explore the viability of an Agri-Tourism Program to help connect people and projects that help make a difference in the world.

Ingenuity Innovation Center is kicking off a brand new pilot program in April 2015 to evaluate the viability of agri-tourism as a way to bring knowledge and skills around sustainability to others while building the center’s infrastructure.  This unique program offers opportunities to those who are committed to helping build local solutions by getting involved in the actual projects and real-world challenges many start-up and emerging benefit companies and B-Corps face.

“The intention of this program is to enable people to put their time, energy, and resources towards the projects and people who are out there on the front lines working to help create real solutions to meet our local, regional, and global challenges that we and this planet are facing,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “We know that for many, time is one of the most limited resources.  Here are Ingenuity, we asked ourselves ‘how can we get people more involved in developing the things that matter to them while creating benefit for everyone?’  The answer seemed to keep surfacing with the discussion around agri-tourism.”

Agri-tourism is becoming more and more prevalent as an emerging industry in the U.S.  However, this trend has been around for centuries especially in areas such as Europe, Central and South America. Here, tourists invest their time and money into experiencing the offerings of food, wine, teas, coffees and the agrarian lifestyle of various regions and the customs and knowledge that has been cultivated through the relationship of living with the land.  Proceeds from tourist dollars help fund farmers and other skilled craftsman and merchants while providing an experience to visitors from other areas.  This win-win scenario also helps preserve many of the natural ways of living and working with the land.  However, the new movement around “eco-tourism,” “voluntourism” and “staycations” are now opening up new possibilities for visitors to actually experience what it is like to work with plants, animals and community in caring for the land while investing in the people and the industries committed to being good stewards.

“We believe that agri-tourism could really provide a great way for people to come here and experience the real world challenges of what we run up against when we do community innovation,” stated Aaron Imhof.  “We have so many sustainable solutions and we realize that we really need to be getting these ideas out there.  What better way than for people to come and stay, learn and build with us and then move it on out to share with others?”

Individuals interested in participating can apply for opportunities (listed below).  After a basic screening interview, the team will select which candidates they would like to work with and schedule dates for the work study program to commence. Selected candidates will pay a fee that will provide them access to a private room, public bathroom and community kitchen on site at Ingenuity Innovation Center.  Food is not included (with the exception of fresh produce from the center). An agreement will be mapped out prior to the work study project where all participants will map out goals, expectations and the schedule so that everyone can get the most out of their experience in working and building together.  All proceeds generated from the Agri-Tourism Program go back into funding the Ingenuity Innovation Center.  For more information, contact us.

Current Work Study Opportunities:

Resource and Event Coordinator: Duration 2 Weeks – April – May 2015.