Adopt A Growbed Pilot Program Kicks Off!

Adopt A Growbed Pilot Program Kicks Off!

Ingenuity Innovation Center kicked off the local Adopt A Growbed Pilot Program on Sunday, November 9th, 2014.  A total of 14 people came out to select their growbeds and share in a community dinner to help design and develop the next steps of the program.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “Many of the locals new one another and the excitement around the program was deeply moving.”

After dinner, the evening shifted into a community discussion where participants were invited to learn more about the purpose of the program as defined in a presentation (see below) and help develop next steps.  Here participants defined what time commitment that they could provide every week (about 2 to 3 hours) to helping set the program up for success.

“Ultimately we are looking at focusing on a topic once a week,” shared Aaron Imhof.  “Everyone decided it would be best to have two times to choose from on either a weekday or weekend to come out and learn.  Then we will have open times where people can come out and spend time gardening and learning with others.”

Each participant in the Local Adopt A Growbed Program received a Seed Start Kit that included growing media and their choice of heirloom, organic, GMO-free seeds.

The first class titled, “Growing Seasonally” took place on Saturday, November 18th.  Here participants received instruction around what plants do well seasonally in an aquaponic system.  They also received their own “Seed Start Kit” and were able to select which heirloom, organic, GMO-free seeds they wished to grow from Ingenuity’s Seed Bank.

The next class on November 22, focused on Greenhouse and Food Safety.  “This is an important topic,” explained Aaron.  “Because we are dealing with a closed-loop system, people may not always think about how their actions of addressing a problem may end up killing fish or plants.  In this class, we tried to develop helpful practices that are used across the industry to help people understand that this is a living system.”

The next class on Water Chemistry is expected to take place on Saturday, December 6th.  For more information about the Adopt A Growbed Program please click here.  To request adopting your own growbed, please email