Adopt A Growbed at Ingenuity Innovation Center

Aaron Imhof, Sr. Ingenuer, is preparing the newly added aquaponic beds for the Adopt A Growbed Program. Here locals will have the opportunity to learn all about aquaponics while growing their own organic produce for $50 a month.

Adopt A Growbed at Ingenuity Innovation Center

Ingenuity is excited to announce that we have 8 growbeds that are up for adoption in our greenhouse.  With the addition of two new rows in our 1,500 square foot greenhouse, we are looking to find local people who have a serious interest in learning how to grow fresh vegetables and fish using aquaponic techniques.  Here people will have an opportunity to learn from Ingenuity Innovation Center what aquaponics is and grow their own produce.

“We are so excited that we have completed the greenhouse build,” exclaimed Aaron Imhof.  “So many people came together to help make this happen and we are so incredibly grateful for each and everyone of them.  This is an awesome example of what community innovation looks and feels like.”

Several volunteers from Portland, Vancouver and St. Helens came together to help complete the build for the Murray Hallam Event that took place in September 2014.  We are so grateful for Stan Joseph, Laurie Oliver, Peter Croce, DJ Doherty, Kenny Decauwer, Daniel Vanderkin, Norman Countryman, David Towry, Don Vande Krol and Anna Beckwith.

“We wanted to create a space where attendees from the class could get their hands dirty by planting baby plants and learning how the system is set up,” stated Aaron.  “Now that this is complete, we are looking to get more local people involved by learning what aquaponics is by growing produce together.”

Starting in November, Ingenuity Innovation Center plans on having designated days and times for people who have adopted growbeds to come out and learn about aquaponics.  Starting with the basics, the Ingenuers will help build knowledge and skills by working with the plants and fish as teachers.  Here people will learn invaluable knowledge about how aquaponic systems work through hands on experience while connecting with other local enthusiasts.

“Our ultimate goal with this program is to help people overcome the barriers to doing aquaponics for themselves,” stated Kate Wildrick.  “We have learned by our own experience that if you have a community to work with, we all learn so much more and can help each other.  Needless to say, we are VERY excited about this program.  For $50 a month, you get to have access to heirloom seeds, one-on-one training AND get to bring home your own organic homegrown produce to enjoy.  Plus, you get to learn with others who will help you design and build your own system!

Ingenuity Innovation Center is also looking at creating special perks and events for those who sign up.  All proceeds generated will go back into helping make the program stronger and ultimately will generate more learning and education opportunities for others in our local and regional community.

If you are interested, or would like to learn more, please contact Kate Wildrick at  If you are not local, and would like to participate, please check out our Global Adopt A Growbed Program.