Adopt A Growbed Program

Adopt A Growbed Program

Ingenuity Innovation Center is looking to further expand our aquaponics systems and knowledgebase so we can help bring aquaponics to people all over the world.  In an effort to assist in the research and education development process, we are launching the Adopt A Growbed Program.  This program allows people from all over the world get involved with the Ingenuers to help create a healthy, sustainable food solution.

Why Aquaponics?  It’s Green, It’s Clean and it’s an Ever Feeding Machine!

Aquaponics has often been an overlooked method of growing greens for years.  However, with the rising costs of  water, land and food, many are looking at alternative solutions. Aquaponics is a wonderful way to easily grow healthy, nutritious food that is organic, and GMO free. Most vegetables grow in half the time than traditional gardening.  In addition, you get the added benefit of fish that are a wonderful source of protein.  It has been determined that 25 square feet of grow space is all it takes to feed one person for life.  Here at Ingenuity Innovation Center,  we have been working with aquaponics for nearly two years and see the growing potential.  As a result, we are now bringing our knowledge and aquaponic systems (small and large) to people all over the world.

Why Would You Personally Want to Adopt a Growbed?

We are one of the few organizations that create a product that is self-sustaining and green. We truly care about the future, health and education of our local and global community and believe that by working together, we can share what we learn using an open source platform and pass on what we learn and help defeat hunger while increasing the health and well-being of all.

By Adopting A Growbed, you will be able to help us accomplish this PLUS get  great perks.   Your monthly membership will help us:

  • Complete our greenhouse build and add new aquaponics greenhouses to Ingenuity Innovation Center.
  • Develop a knowledgebase where we can capture growth information for plants and fish.
  • Fund new and renewable energy solutions to help us grow off grid.
  • Develop an educational program around aquaponics that can be brought to people all over the world.
  • Feed and empower our local community.
  • Provide access to fresh organic GMO free produce and healthy fish.

Adopt A Growbed Monthly Subscription Plans:

Monthly subscription plans have been inspired by the components of an aquaponic system.  They are:

  • Rock – $5/Month
  • Microbe – $10 Month
  • Veggie – $25 /Month
  • Fish – $50 /Month
  • Growbed – $75 / Month

Build a Knowledebase to Help Others

Out ultimate goal is to develop a knowledgebase around aquaponics.  Here we will create a way for people all over the world to get involved and learn about aquaponics.  As we blunder and learn from our mistakes, we’ll share what we have observed using an online knowledgebase where people can access videos, tutorials and engage with other aquaponic enthusiasts.  The Adopt A Growbed Program will help fund developing the online infrastructure, professional videography and coordinating the community engagement by through education, tours and volunteering.  As we expand this program, we anticipate that future aquaponic greenhouses will be developed in partnership with other programs and networks.

How Do Monthly Subscriptions Work?

For more information about the Adopt a Growbed Program, please visit our Subscription Terms and Conditions page.