Adopt An Easel Program

Adopt An Easel Program

Ingenuity Innovation Center is excited to announce that we will be offering an Adopt An Easel Program. Inspired by the successful Adopt A Growbed project, this new collection of affordable monthly classes offers people a great way to get in touch with their artistic side while having fun and meeting people in their local community.

Every month, Ingenuity will offer a series of art classes on our events calendar. Art classes that have been identified as part of the Adopt An Easel Program will be highlighted next the the class price in the event schedule.

Rose Imhof will lead and develop the program. As an Art Educator/Expressionist and Creative Arts Therapist, she has used art to help others connect with their soul.  She specializes in dream interpretation, Archetypal Psychology, and has an impressive background in professional Expressive Arts Therapies/Education.

“I am very excited to launch this new program,” stated Rose.  “I have personally experienced how powerful art is a healing and connection tool and really look forward to bringing people together from all ages to explore the artistic side of their soul.  In the spirit of everything we do around here, this program is expected to grow and morph based on the needs and input of the community that forms around it.”

Members of the program will have access to classes, instruction and materials.  Special perks and discounts for other special events will also be offered.

The Adopt An Easel Program is being introduced at $30 per month per person.  Discounts for couples, families and those participating in the Adopt A Growbed Program are available.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Classes start in April.  Space is limited. To sign up and make automatic monthly payments using the payment button below.