Rose Imhof

Rose on the farm at Ingenuity Innovation Center

Rose uses the words “Imaginal Art Expressionist” to describe herself because she resonates with the Patterns that live in the Soul of herself, others, and the World or Cosmos.  These Patterns are like Jewels that want to be expressed and moved out into the arts (painting, dancing, musing) which in turn bring about well-being taking us from pain to pleasure. She helps families and people of all ages find their Imagination, Fantasy, Common Sense, Intuition and Memory (also known as Wits) while expanding their understanding and value in, “Knowing Thyself.” Her unique and innovative approach guides people through a transformative process to mine for those Jewels found in the deeper Self.

Rose has worked mostly in hospitals and treatment centers and is now turning to healing her community and the Ecology of the World.  She holds a Masters Degree in Art Education with a Specialization in Art Therapy and uses gardening, c0-creating, and bringing respectful fun and play to the healing process.