2016 Living the Dream Event Sponsorship and Recognition

2016 Living the Dream Event Sponsorship and Recognition

We are very excited to host the 2016 Living the Dream Event in fall with Murray Hallam.  We are currently seeking sponsors to help us continue to build the new training center’s amenities (such as compostable toilets, solar showers and onsite accommodations) along with funding additional scholarships for the event.

We value people and organizations who step forward to contribute time, money or resources to help us create a vision where everyone can benefit.  In the spirit of creating solutions for the community by the community, we have established a way to honor those who step forward to help us create the tools, resources, infrastructure, education, and innovative solutions to build a better world.  Inspired from our aquaponic system, we have created the following community sponsorship and recognition tiers.

$10,000+ – Community Legacy Builder (Fish)

$5,001 – $10,000 –  Community Innovators (Plants)

$1001 – $5,000 – Community Partners (Roots)

$501 – $1000 – Community Sponsors (Water)

$101 – $500 – Community Connectors (Microbes)

$1 – $100 – Community Supporter (Rock)