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To your clean food future.

Aquaponics done rightthe first time

Whether in the third world or the first, sustainable design matters. We make sure your site specific needs are met while keeping within the optimum design requirements. The result is a win-win between available resources and functionality.

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Mobilizing the Community to create sustainable solutions to end human trafficking.

In the pursuit of our goal to mobilize the fly fishing community to create sustainable solutions to human trafficking we often find ourselves in remote or marginalized parts of the world. In these areas it’s often a local church, faith based safe home, or private school which proves to be the most trustworthy organization to run and care for our aquaponic farms.

Our loyalty to the organizations we partner with is not determined by a particular religious point of view, but rather it is because they hold to our same values of helping the vulnerable from trafficking. Regardless of your current worldview, we invite you to join with us in creating sustainable solutions for vulnerable women and children around the world.

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Powered By BenefitBenefit is Better by Design

Benefit Companies went live in Oregon Janurary 2014. Oregon saw it first tax benefit measure in 2016 during the November vote. More great Opportunities for benefit companies on the way.


Open Source EverythingThe Future Looks Great

The Future is open-sourced. As a core value here at InGenuity, All that we produce is owned by all. Collaboration is so much better than competition.


Triple Bottom LineThree is Better Than One

People, planet and Prosperity for transform business as a force for the good of all. Do your part and convert your business into a Benefit Corporation or B Corp.


Great time to discover Aquaponicsfor we all benefit

The Aquaponics movement is a pure food movement and as more learn about and add to their growing portfolio, We all benefit from the circulation of pure food back to our communities. Discover how Aquaponics businesses make the world a better place.

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We partner with the best in the biz

Our partners include the Godfather of modern Aquaponics, Murray Hallam, his star student and Master in his own right, Arvind Venkat of WaterFarmer, Aid and support the Aquaponics Assocation. Local Partnerships with Wind River Product and International Aquaponics Farm relief with The Fly Fishing Collaborative.

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Kate Wildrick

Paradigm Shifter

Aaron continues to push the boundaries in Aquaponics by helping to get it out in the world.

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Aaron Imhof

Designer - Builder

Daniel is the future we are leaving it for.

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Daniel Aaron

Future CEO

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