GYO3 Aquaponics Kit


Farm Fresh Produce Year Round!

Joys of summer typically include organic vine ripened tomatoes that explode in your mouth, fragrant herbs, tender greens and flavorful zucchini. Here are Ingenuity Innovation Center, we have found a way to bring summer to your home everyday of the year. Our Grow Your Own (GYO) Aquaponics Kit has a total of 58.5 square feet of grow space. Now you can grow farm fresh produce easily and abundantly right in your home. Not only will you be able to continuously grow produce, but fish too!

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Download the brochure



The GYO Kit is system that designed to make gardening easy and virtually effortless. The secret lies in the combination of growing/raising of fish & plants in the same water system. As fish produce waste into the water, the plants absorb the nutrients from the waste for growth and return clean water to the fish. The result is amazing. Most vegetables grow in half the time versus a traditional garden. This sustainable system uses a fraction of the water and has virtually no waste.

This kit does not require any fossil fertilizers or chemical additives and uses rock as a growing medium. Beyond plant uptake, there is only a 7% water loss due to evaporation.

Benefits Include:
– Healthy produce year round
– Half the grow time for most Veggies
– Easily grow your own GMO Free, Organic Food
– No pesticides or fossil fertilizers
– Minimal waste
– Ergonomically friendly
– Tastes exactly like garden grown produce (if not better!)
– Easy To maintain 
– Environmentally friendly & sustainable
– Additional plant beds can be added to this system

The GYO3 Kit comes with everything you need to get growing.  This system is made from high quality products that are designed to last.  

  • The Growbeds are made from durable, high impact ABS food grade plastic with UV resistance for longevity.  The low profile makes it ideal to get access to fresh produce.
  • The Fish and Sump Tanks are made from modified food grade intermittent bulk containers (IBC’s).  Ingenuity Innovation Center sources and repurposes these polyethylene food grade plastic containers for fish and sump tanks as we find them to be an extremely cost effective and affordable solution.
  • The Plumbing for the kit has been designed to help users easily access and flush out clogs with quick disconnects and unkinkable hose.  Our hand crafted auto-siphon also ensure that the proper amount of oxygen is able to reach the plant roots while providing a low maintenance option to watering and eliminates the need to use timers that other systems recommend.
  • The Aerator, Pump and Heaters have been sourced and tested for energy efficiency and long lasting durability.  Each of these are covered with a their manufacturer’s warranty.

The perks of starting out with the GYO3 kit is that it can be modified to add up to three additional growbeds (provided you add in one more 150 gallon sump)! 

There are three different types of GYO3 kits to choose from.  The DIY option is a cost-effective way to get the “bones” of the single bed aquaponic system.  The GYO3 kit includes the main components to get growing immediately, while the GYO3 Plus adds in the personal one-on-one touch to help with set up and questions. For more information about what each of these kits include, please see the Kit Package Option Tab.

Additional information

Weight300 lbs
Dimensions53 x 212 x 48 in

Kit Package Options

There are three different types of GYO kits to choose from. They are:

 GYO3 ComponentsDIYGYO3GYO3 Plus
3 Grow Beds (a total of 58.5 square feet)xxx
1 Fish Tank (275 gallons)xxx
1 Sump Tank (150 gallons)xxx
Plumbing and Auto-Siphonsxxx
1 Pumpxx
3 Heatersxx
1 Aeratorxx
1 PH and Nitrogen Test Kitxx
3 Growbed Stands (Cinderblock and Timber)x
4 Hour Consultationx
Complimentary Setup*x

* Local Purchases only. Does not include delivery fee.  

What is not included:

You provide fish, rock/grow media, water, support stand for growbed, fish tank covering and electricity. Dimensions of this kit are 53″ x 212″ x 48″.

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